Why should you have a wedding planner?

I belief this is a question often asked, and there would be many different opinions from different sources.

Having a wedding planner today is not a glamour status anymore, it’s becoming more popular because a wedding planner adds value.  Value on many different levels, let me explain.

We all get married once, for the first time, and with that being said it means you do not have experience of the wedding industry. You are most probably not well informed of all the requirements for the wedding, what the industry offers, where the pitfalls are and where acquire what at the best prices.  An experienced wedding planner has the experience, he/she is an expert in weddings and everything about weddings.  The wedding planner knows logistic wise what would work, she knows reliable suppliers, and she knows where to find or recommend every single part of the wedding process. The wedding planner knows where to find what at the desired quality and price. A wedding planner is there to save you money, to save you time and to lessen the stress caused by the magnitude of the event substantially.


Save you money /financial planning.

The Wedding Planner will save you actual money on your budget and will assist you to stay within your budget. The wedding planner will have the knowledge on where to search for specific suppliers that will fit into your budget without sacrificing quality. A Wedding planner will be able to give you a better idea on what to budget for and what the estimate costs will be for your ideas or dreams.


Save you time

In most instances those to be married mostly only have Saturdays and Sundays to search for requirements of the wedding as they are mostly occupied by work commitments during the week. Time is of the essence to get everything done in time with a wedding. It is astonishing how quickly one can become pressurized by time if not well planned and knowing about those elements that steal time. You will be surprised how quickly you can run into trouble in this regard. A wedding planner is there to manage your wedding diary, to make sure that everything is arranged without spending too much unnecessary time on a specific topic. A wedding planner is there to and will manage your time.

Stress much less

You cannot believe how much stress is generated by the planning of the event. You will be surprised to see how much stress is placed on the couple as the date nears and the mothers and other family members become involved, each with their own ideas. You want to avoid unnecessary quarrels and uncomfortable situations at all costs as it is supposed to be a joyous occasion.

You will be surprised how many weddings are marred by such situations. To this end the wedding planner will manage and relive you of most of the stressful situations. It is thus important that you have to be comfortable with your wedding planner, you have to trust her, feel like your best friend, your maid of honour. As soon as you have established that trust, the wedding planner will be able to make this experience an exceptional one for you.  A wedding planner is your mediator… your peace keeper.


Wedding planner versus a venue coordinator

A wedding planner is different to a venue coordinator.  A wedding planner assists you with every little detail about the wedding, will for example accompany you to to dress fittings, assist you with word selections for you stationary, inform you of the reasoning behind certain traditions with different wedding elements, acquiring a wedding vehicle, recommend wedding venues, accompany you to different venues and inform you of their  pros and cons on, and many more.  A venue coordinator is assigned to one venue and is primarily there to make sure that everything from the venue’s side is perfect and arranged. A venue coordinator function is basically confined to the arrangements of the day.


Wedding planner options

There are many wedding planning packages and options available. One such package which is very affordable and practical wedding is the “On-the-day/ month before” the wedding planning.  Such an arrangement comprises of the bride arranging her own wedding and acquires the services of the wedding planner a month or two before the wedding. The wedding planner wil then provide the final structure to the wedding, finalize the timetables, takes control of the logistics and time schedules and manage the day. The wedding planner will thus assume responsibility for the execution of the function while the bridal couple and family and enjoy as stress free and exciting day.



Wedding planners ensure that you have the joyous day that you envisaged. Wedding planners are used to working under stressful situations; they can think on their feet and handle difficult situations professionally.  Wedding planners have a passion for weddings, have a passion for people and enjoy making dreams come true.  A wedding planner delivers a service that adds value to your day and your experience.